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do british people really eat beans on toast as a meal

in america is everyone ignorant

it was just a question damn no need to get hostile go eat some beans on toast


Okok this is so lame and whiney it’ll be ridiculous but I need to write it somewhere. I really like a guy and he’s funny and cute but however much he acts like he likes me nothing ever happens which I got p sad about a few weeks back. I started getting over him and got talking to another guy but there’s not the same connection I felt and then I drunkenly told him friend from home I liked him and ever since he’s been asking me to come out with him and I’m like but I’ve been talking to this guy who wants us to go on a date sometime but honestly I still like you but I feel shit turning other guy down bc he’s lovely but I don’t even know if first guy likes me in the first place and I try not think about it until I’m drunk like now and I become stereotypical emotional drunk for a few hours until ive sobered up

*swishes twink powers around on the dance floor to attract the males*